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Social Media. No longer an option.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

A lot of ministries that we consult with us tell us that they don't need social media for branding. But the reality is that there is no longer any question about whether your church should be on social media or not. Being on social media isn’t enough. You need to prioritize using it well. If you want to take advantage of all the opportunities social media provides, you might need to elevate its importance.

If you can’t justify time spent on social media, I encourage you to consider the following ways your ministry might be missing out.

Social media might be the first place people find your church

Yes we have google but let's face it, your congregation has membership on a social media platform. Therefore you have to be as well. With a thoughtful church strategy for social engagement and some regular money devoted to advertising, you can create an awareness of your ministry and send people to your website where they can learn more. Plus, when you add the Facebook icon to your website, you can retarget the people that Facebook has sent to your website.

You can build a relationship with your congregation’s friends

Let’s face it, this is the reason you’re on Facebook. Through the likes and shares of your updates from people who already attend your church, your content is pushed into the feed of their friends and family. When you explain to your congregation that their interaction with your Facebook page is a form of outreach, you can build a strategy around sharing your culture with people who might be open to learning more.

You’re meeting people where they are

Community is in transition. People are building important networks and connections online, and it is becoming a valuable way for people to connect.

Instead of fighting this transition, the church should be embracing its inherent positives and opportunities. We should be taking advantage of every tool at our disposal to reach people where they are, and there may be no greater tool than social media.

Your social media accounts represent your church vitality

I know it doesn’t feel like it should be the case, but when people come to one of your social media platforms and you haven’t updated it in months, it shapes their impression of your church. If you’re going to have a social-media presence it’s important for you to regularly update it.

This means that you need to be very particular about the social-media platforms your church adopts. It’s better to have one or two platforms you really excel at than to be on every platform and to do them terribly.

If you or your ministry are in need of social media branding please let The Adridge Creative Agency help you. Contact us today!

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